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Welcome to Book2act

Book2act provides users the ability to show customers when they're available with a personalized link. Customers will then be able to find a convenient time to book an appointment with you, and do so online. That appointment will then appear instantly in your calendar.

The process is simple.

  • Click here to create a trial account.
  • Add your WebAPI database location or the one created by Act! Connect
  • Add your database name and login credentials
  • Select the meeting type you'd like to offer people to book with you, and the duration
  • And then copy your new Book2act URL to insert in your email signatures and website
Customers can then click your URL and be presented with all the times you're available on any given day of the week. When they select one, they only have to enter some basic information, and that appointment is instantly set in your Act! calendar. It's that easy.